UI/UX Designer.

Me in 17 seconds

👋 I’m Pravash Karki. UI/UX designer and a citizen of Earth. This is my personal blog.

I’ve worn many hats throughout my career, and the only constant thing is I am a designer, and I love to help.

Proudly back to my tribe of Freelance Designer.

An avid meditator, introvert, and empathic. Mostly rely on common sense and intuition.

Dropout from England, I now live in the city of temples Kathmandu, Nepal, with my two lovely kids and my beautiful, warrior wife.

Just email me at prav@prav.co, and I will answer everything I know.

What am I doing now? – See my “now” page.

In the past 17+ years, my team and I have built, managed, and deployed 8160+ Websites & Apps for 276+ Happy & Unhappy Partners + Clients.

Did you 😃 smile at the beginning?
If the answer is “Hell Yes!” we can start working. Let’s build and ship beautiful and functional digital experience together.

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