Introduction to Sweanwes Community

March 19, 2017

Hello and Namaste, my name is Pravash Karki and I am an entrepreneur and full-stack designer from Kathmandu, Nepal.

I am the owner of Last Door Solutions, a web services agency that specializes in white label WordPress development and design work. I am also working on a WordPress product called Sampression, as well as a few fun apps including BattiGayo and MediBook.

I am passionate about building products and transitioning from hourly client work to value-based services. I discovered Seanwes while searching for a lettering course and was impressed by the community and the access to valuable resources. I am excited to join the community and share my experiences, learn from others, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Currently, my biggest struggle is a lack of focus in my various businesses and products. I am working towards building a stronger financial foundation to invest in my products and build separate teams for each of my businesses. I also plan to rework my current business models and eventually work and travel while blogging about my experiences.

I am excited to contribute to and learn from the Seanwes community. Thank you for having me!