Many Hats

It might sound like “Jack of all trades, master of none,” but that’s not the case for me. My journey started at the age of 16 after completing SLC. I started a computer training and working. The first job I ever landed as a web designer was only because of my prior experience working in an e-commerce company as a graphic designer.

I’ve been an office clerk, graphic designer, web designer, SEO specialist, CSS developer, creative designer, web developer, front-end developer, WordPress theme developerUX/UI designer, project manager, freelancer, educator, speaker, accidental entrepreneur, and CEO since 2002. 

Learning and growing is a constant process of life. Having different skill sets and knowledge will make us more confident and more likely to be hired by agencies. It can’t be more accurate than it is in 2020.

Recently someone calls me, are you a UX unicorn?

“…A UX unicorn is a UX generalist. Someone who is good at all aspects of UX design work. They are also good at graphic design and coding which allows them to tackle other project work when they’re not doing UX work...” read more here.

Keep learning. Keep Growing.

Updated on: Sep 01, 2020. 12:33 pm

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