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Pravash Karki is a highly skilled UX/UI Designer and Drupal and WordPress expert with over 10 years of experience in web design and development. He has a strong background in open-source technologies and a passion for creating exceptional user experiences. In his current role as CEO of Last Door, Pravash specializes in B2B enterprise-grade Drupal and WordPress CMS design and development. He is proficient in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and is always looking for opportunities to collaborate and network with other professionals in the industry.

Long Version: I have always had a passion for creating things and making a profit from my creations. Ever since I was in elementary school, I would take on small projects like hoardings and decorations, and sell them to make some pocket money. Despite my love for creating, I struggled in school and often found myself ranked near the bottom of my class. Instead of focusing on my studies, I would often spend my time drawing and creating, which ultimately led to my lack of success in school.

After finishing high school, I decided to take a break from education and start working. My first job was sending international faxes and marking on yellow pages. I quickly realized that this job wasn’t fulfilling my creative interests, so I enrolled in a low-cost college to learn web design and development. Although I spent most of my time in college learning about computers, I struggled with my classes and eventually dropped out of college without completing my degree.

After dropping out, I decided to focus on my career and started working full-time at two different companies. I worked double shifts to make ends meet, but eventually left my 9-5 job to focus on my night shift job. However, after working there for a year, I was fired and decided that I didn’t want to work for anyone else again.

In 2009, I started freelancing as a web designer and Photoshop expert, and quickly found success in this field. I enrolled in a BTEC HND Digital Media course, but ultimately dropped out after the second year. Despite this setback, I continued to grow my freelance business and eventually started working for the Tarsus Group PLC.

Starting a business can be challenging, especially without a background in business or commerce, but through hard work and dedication, I was able to make a success of my freelance business. It’s important to do your research and seek out advice from experts and experienced entrepreneurs to help you succeed.

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Hell Yeah or No – Derek Sivers
Company of One – Paul Jarvis
RajaYoga – Swami Vivekananda

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